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TRUSTED is a limited series podcast with a series of short, actionable episodes that dives into five of the most common, and most troubling, online business tactics.

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In this podcast + blog series we’ll explore these five tactics:


Idolized High Income Influencers


Sleazy Sales Pages


Coercive Sales Conversations




Tricky Testimonials

For each one, we’ll look at how it’s done today, and what your alternatives are, with a focus on building a trust-first business.

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coercion-free sales conversations
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Maggie-Patterson-Trusted Podcast

About Maggie

I'm Maggie Patterson, and I've been working in the online business world since early 2013. Over the years, I've seen it all. I've worked behind-the-scenes in 7-figure online businesses and seen the rise (and fall) of many tactics, and celebrity entrepreneurs along the way.

Today, I'm the creator of Small Business Boss and the founder of a content marketing agency Scoop Studios. I'm on a mission to help transform online business as we know it from a place that's rooted in fear, scarcity, and coercion, to a place where trust comes first in everything we do.

I work with service business owners such as creatives, consultants and creators to help them take a trust-first approach to their business. This is a proven, BS-free way to build a simple and sustainable service business.

Work With Maggie

Masterminds are the only way to work with me on an ongoing basis. We do things differently in our masterminds, and if you’re looking to build a trust-driven business, we’d love to have you join us.

New masterminds will be enrolling in Fall 2021.
Get all the details below.