The Tricky Business of Testimonials

Big results. Big money. That’s the status quo of testimonials in online business. But have you ever wondered if this is even real? And how many people actually get those results? In this episode of Trusted, we’re examining the tricky business of testimonials and how we can approach testimonials in a way that’s rooted in…

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Skipping False Scarcity

In an industry that’s constantly calling you out for your scarcity mindset, it’s surprising how prevalent the use of scarcity is. At every turn, we’re being pressured to say yes using a host of tactics designed to activate our FOMO. And most of that pressure is false. In this episode of Trusted, we’re looking at…

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Coercion-Free Sales Conversations

coercion-free sales conversations

You get on a sales call, and from the get-go, you’re getting the vibe. You know you’re going to get the hard close and it’s all kind of icky. The pressure and manipulation on sales calls in this industry is very real, and in this episode of Trusted, we’re taking a look at coercive sales…

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No Sleaze Sales Pages


We’ve all been there. We decide to check out an offer that seems interesting and we’re confronted with a toxic trainwreck full of fear, manipulation, and coercion. Yes, I’m talking about sleazy sales pages!  In this episode of Trusted, we’re diving into the many problems with the status quo of sales pages, and talking about…

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Idolized High-Income Influencers


Do you constantly feel like you’re not fancy or flashy enough in your business? Or that no one is going to pay attention to you unless you can tell them you’re making 6, or maybe even 7 figures? In this episode of Trusted, we’re diving into the problem with idolized high-income influencers, and what the…

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Welcome to the Trusted Podcast

Welcome to the first episode of Trusted, a new limited series podcast where we’re going to dive into the alternatives of the BS of online business. First, a quick intro. I’m Maggie Patterson, and I landed here in the online business world in early 2013. Before that time I’d been freelancing for corporate clients for…

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